4.Our Process

We understand that each project needs to start somewhere 

Let us walk you through our Project Process so that you have an understanding of why we deliver our awesome projects in the time frame provided.



Your ideas are very important to us and making your idea work is what we are all about.
-First we meet with you in person or via online medium.
-You tell us what you have in mind and your preferences.
-We gather the data needed to make your idea possible.
-We will provide professional insight and advice to make sure that what you need is inline with your business module.


As much as we love designing, we also like to include our clients in every step of the design.
-We will start by drafting design-frames which in this regards are prototypes of your project.
-You and your team can go over the design and advice on changes where applicable.
-Once the changes are approved we are ready to move forward.


-This process will take the design and turn it into workable or executable idea.
-This means that we will code the design and apply functions that will allow your design to work.
-The development will then be sent to you for amendments and updates.



-This process allows us to do the final needed checks to make sure that everything is functioning as it should.
-Once done, the project is sent once more for final approval before it’s launched.



Once your project goes live, we will offer maintenance services which will allow your services to run and be managed by us 24/7