About Us

Prince Abuh
Founder & Don

We are a marketing & branding agency that helps businesses create meaningful brands. Corporate Identity, Website design, Brand Marketing, Social media branding and marketing. We work with young and passionate people from all walks of life who assist businesses to reach their full potential. We emphasize strategy and help create powerful brands using a variety of media, including digital and web.


We work for a variety of clients in all industries and focus mainly on tech-savvy start-ups, growing businesses and corporates. “We love what we do because we work with anybody – from small to the big corporates.”


At Sourcebranding, passion is our driving force. Passion for branding. Passion for designing. Passion for serving our clients, passion for relationships with our partners. Because we believe that only when you begin with passion can you achieve progress. Sourcebranding connects to the needs and desires of today’s local and global businesses. Browse our growing portfolio to experience the world’s most stunning local brands.

Our Team
SourceBranding is a mix of ambitious young minds with fresh ideas, and an experienced team of Designers, Developers and Marketing Strategist. We work internationally with clients on almost all continents, although meeting at our office in Pretoria is also optional.



Jack Chails
Marketing Strategist

Armed with a professional service experience and an emphasises on marketing that achieves success. His skills propels Brands to the Next Level.

Mildred Milly
Marketing and Sales

Focused on creating value for our customers by assisting them to put together the Marketing Strategy and brand design.

Lucky Lance
Web and Graphic Design

Applying modern web styles that adopt to your brand  which is guaranteed to get the message of a brand across effectively to customers, users or readers.

Jay Williams
Advertising and Content Development

Information needs to be content specific. We use Search Engine Marketing, Social Media and Content Marketing.

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