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Don’t Sell Your Time for Money Automate it and  Double Your Income

If you make a living from providing services to clients on a ‘time-for-money’ basis, this will be the most important insightful talks you will ever hear.

A while ago I had an interesting conversation with a high level celebrity coach. This lady is a well qualified and certified Psychologist. She invested over R1.8m in tuition from fine training institutions nationally and overseas and a great Psychologist she is!

However, five years down the line, She confided in me that her business is very unrewarding and frustrating in a few ways. Her first ‘gripe’ with being a Psychologist is that she finds it difficult to find new clients. She finds most of her clients through word of mouth. And this is fine and well, but it is unpredictable. Some months she gets no new clients, and other months, for unexplainable reasons, she would find a hand full of new clients.


Her primary concerns 

There is no consistency. she finds networking and other means of finding new clients unpleasant. Her second concern is capacity. She sells hours. And she has only so many hours. Her income is capped by her available time. Needless to say this is a horrible business model! Who wants to be capped in their earnings?


The Problems she faced

  • Her next frustration is that her clients rarely implement her advice.
  • She has difficulty with compliance and feels that clients often waste their money, and his time.
  • Finally she has real concerns about the economy, however she finds her business is localised, and all her revenue is derived from South African clients.

Now can you truly relate to any of the above? If so, I have just the solution for you!
I will help you address the challenges that service based professionals face.


We will teach you how to create highly leveraged service based packages.

One of the area of business that we have been perfecting over many years is  developing automated marketing systems that takes all the hassle out of finding profitable new clients.


Our programs caters to Psychologists,  Coaches, Business Consultants, Authors, Trainers, Facilitators and other service based professionals.

I offer valuable distinctions for solving every single problem service based entrepreneurs  will encounter. If you feel you need real world advice that is tested over and over, then invite me as a speaker and learn how to  generate more money for your  time, better client results, and a predictable flow of new clients.

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