Building bulletproof online sales funnel

How to building a bulletproof online sales funnel for your Business 


MasterClass: Storytelling in the Digital Era.

Join me on this new exclusive Training: How to build a  Bulletproof Funnel. This training is something I have never shared before.


During this training you will receive:
-A detailed walk-through of  how to build a Bulletproof Funnel including:
-Lessons Learned from Testing
-Detailed Video Analytics
-The KPIs (the financial result of the funnel)

A detailed walk-through of DIY Bulletproof Funnel including:
-The big idea behind Bulletproof Funnel
-How we created the story behind the funnel.
-Why we improved our offer structure.
-How we upgraded our videos.
-How we upgraded our emails.
-How we upgraded our re-marketing ads.

A roadmap of future funnel upgrades that we are planning including:
-Our Facebook ad ideas
-How we will customise the funnel
-How we will use surveys to increase our ROI
-How we will improve our sales videos and sales pages.

Each topic is a chance to learn something new or avoid a mistake we’ve made in the past. After this in-depth session on our funnel we will turn to a detailed action plan for you. Over the past year helping business owners, we have created a detailed plan to develop what we call a Bulletproof Funnel.

During this training I will show the exact steps we recommend you take to build a Bulletproof Funnel that will help you launch your own business. At the end of the training, you will have a chance to speak to me one on one Q&A where I will go over your sales generation with you.


Here are the details:
Who: Business owners and marketers who want to take their client generation to the next level.
What: Bulletproof Funnel Building Training + Q&A
Where: Bulletproof Funnel brought to you from  anywhere
Why: Because a Bulletproof Funnel will transform your marketing and enable you to generate a sustainable source of high quality clients.

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