About PMT

As organisations strive to increase productivity of their staff, performance management has become the benchmark of all organisations that strive to meet their set corporate
objectives. But how this can be achieved remains a daunting task, and this has remained one of the most complex issues to address in human resource environments.

Our training centre – Performance Management Training Inc (PMT) – is right on the spot to provide strategic training interventions to close the gap in staff performance
deficiencies and to scale-up existing knowledge to better performance at optimum levels. 

Our capability at PMT allows us to offer our clients a broad portfolio of services with a single purpose in mind: Delivering a winning corporate performance towards sustained productivity.

Whilst many of our services can be used very effectively as discrete training solutions, they are designed to help develop tailored solutions to real performance challenges faced by Governments and their agencies, civil society groups and NGOs at different times and levels.


Our Strategy

PMT’s unique Performance Management Training approach is based on measuring strategic, operational and organisational interventions that helps private and public service organisations to execute their missions and objectives through the establishment of strategy for evaluating project and program performance to:

  • – Link strategic goals, objectives and outcomes to project milestones, tasks and activities, providing a clear line of sight between mission objectives and operational performance
  • – Review programmes continuously through credible performance data to align each new project task and activity with programme and strategic goals
  • – Generate and analyse real-time performance data to enable organisations to make programme adjustments quickly
  • – Implement corrective actions and monitor expended resources to deliver planned outcomes and support strategic goals
  • – Allocate resources appropriately across the enterprise to achieve optimal performance against the organisational mandate 

Institutional Strengthening


  •  PMT open public access courses
  • Project Management
  • Financial Management
  • Policy Analysis and Governance

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Service level

  • Client Focus
  • Service excellence
  • Trusted training partner

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Organizational & Institutional Objectives

  • Aligning mission & goals
  • Establishing benchmarks
  • Goal Congruence

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  • Increase output
  • Quality Systems Improvement
  • Increased synergy

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Most of PMT’s courses are conducted within our centre’s premises for small groups. We however use conference facilities by top providers in and around Accra . Our choice is strategic, since we consider among others, issues such as location suitability, access to accommodation, and the general atmosphere.

PMT performance strategy makes it possible for private and public service organisations to:

  • Directly link programmes to missions
  • Evaluate programmes based on mission objectives
  • Prioritise project investment programmes based on performance capabilities required
  • Leverage existing assets across the enterprise to improve performance
  • Respond effectively to changing conditions
  • Leverage technology to achieve performance levels that meet mission goals
  • Effectively execute performance improvements in the private and public sector institutions

Our training equipment used in all venues are:

  • State–of-the-art audiovisual equipment
  • Computerized AV remote control systems
  • Video/data projects
  • Microphone systems
  • Laser pointers
  • Specialised presentation equipment

We ensure that all our training venues are equipped with wireless internet service connectivity for participant’s convenience.