We offer custom and practical tailored programme to our present and future clientele. At the request of organisations, PMT can custom design an appropriate personalised training for senior executives, specialist managers, directors and staff public sector organisations, NGO’s Civil Society groups and poverty reduction institutions.

The expertise of PMT’s faculties is available to local and international organisations wishing to improve management performance. Our consultancy services can be used to help design and improve management procedures within an organisation, prepare and deliver custom-tailored training to an organisation’s managers and staff, conduct feasibility studies, conduct marketing research and provide strategic general advice and guidance at all levels of the organisational functional structures.

The expertise available from the institute’s faculty is extensive, covering a broad range of subject areas. Below is a representative list of the areas of expertise in which PMT can assist organisations in Government, Parastatals, NGOs, Bilateral Agencies and private sectors

Bespoke and in-company training are highly effective means of developing skills that target individuals tailored to client’s needs and desired skills levels. Following a training needs request from your organisation, PMT will consult with your organisation to conduct a comprehensive training needs assessment, and our methodology with regards to the following:

  • Determining training contents and themes
    Sourcing and assigning trainers and consultants
  • Sourcing and agreeing on training venues for in-house or out-reach
    training course
  • Agreeing on budgets and time-scales
  • Agreeing on logistics and administration
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of pre and post course evaluation

For further information on personalised bespoke, one-on-one training for groups, please contact us.