PMT Training Director 

On behalf of the Executive Directors and Board Members of Performance Management Training Inc. (PMT), I extend my warm handshake to our clients, suppliers and all stakeholders as we are ushered into the next phase of our programmes for this year.

The core objective of our programme activities will be to consolidate and deepen our capacity building efforts in the major focus areas of: performance enhancement and development of staff capabilities in all functional ministries of Governments, NGOs Civil Society Organisations and the Private Sector around the world.

The accumulation of our carefully crafted profile of activities comprising workshops, seminars, training, and in-house or outreach workshops with hands-on approaches are intended to provide desired outcomes for organisations in the medium and long-term staff development initiatives. In implementing our 2019 programme of activities, PMT will seek to utilise approaches that proved effective in the past and adapt to new and evolving situations. Thus, highly applied and customised courses, workshops, seminars and conferences will be used to support our traditional residential programmes.

This however, will largely depend on the readiness and training requests received from Governments, NGOs and development institutions, which are consistent with their perceived capacity building needs based on their Training Needs Assessments. PMT will provide the necessary tools to effect the strategic implementation of its products and services through a carefully measured training methodology with visible impact in
performance improvement.

Our Institute is working tirelessly to render our programme offerings in the French Language by the year 2020, which we hope will provide a significant leap in breaking language barriers for the major population of French-speaking nations. Courses will be convened in Accra Ghana, and other international venues.

All in all the schedule of our programmes grouped under the various broad title headings on this site, represent a well thought out and balanced offerings tailored to address organisations’ performance enhancement objectives. It is hoped PMT will manage this by utilising expertise drawn from its international cooperating partners, national and regional pool of experts including well -seasoned consultants in our database roster.

As you contemplate participating or submitting nominations for your staff, we assure you of the best standards in the industry as we seek to partner with you in developing the human capital in your organisations. PMT looks forward to an eventful and memorable productive year with you, as we strive to implement our mandate of building and developing sustainable capacity building solutions in the world as part of our universal contribution towards poverty reduction for citizens of the world.


James F. Seidu
Director of Programme