PMT Mission 

  • To spearhead performance management thought through leadership
  • Be the preferred strategic performance management partner in maximising value returns on human capital
  • To be the vibrant hub where excellent performance management is gendered for organisations and visible sustainable impacts in productivity
  • and performance are created at all levels.
  • Be the one-stop choice provider of professional development interventions to individuals
  • To value human capital and skill input as organisational asset


Our cultural values are our strengths. In this we believe in:

  • Team work and group dynamism
  • Trust and respect for different organisational cultures
  • Belief in open, transparent and timely communication as the live -wire of an effective organisation
  • Performance management par excellence through an effective total quality management control of our services
  • Promotion of innovative culture and adventure in partnership with organisations

We at PMT are dedicated to continuous improvement of our products and services in consonance with our clients’ needs to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

To our members We are passionate and we care for our members, recognise and value their contributions as important and we strive to profile the prestige of their membership.

We value our past, present and potential clients as they are our reason for existence and we commit ourselves to actively improve our services and products to surpass their expectations.


We care for our employees and the facilitators we work with, by creating a conducive work environment, helping them to balance family and work commitments, recognising their contributions and developing them to their full potential through an effective performance management strategy.


We at PMT value and honour our social responsibilities and obligations, and pledge to be good corporate citizens by supporting and caring for the environment.

Our services span the full training life-cycle, covering:

  • Management of training projects
  • Training needs analysis
  • Courses research and design
  • Courses development
  • Courses delivery

Training Approach

In determining the training approach and course design, we focus on the business procedures and day-to-day tasks that users will follow. The training we deliver is a hands-on pragmatic approach rather than theoretical.

The approach to training is decided in consultation with the project team and can include combinations of the following:

  • Plenary session and hands-on exercises
  • Computer-based training (CBT) using On
  • Demand Models
  • One-on-one or small-group sessions
  • Lecture style presentations to large groups
  • We develop the training materials, using the tools decided upon in
  • consultation with our consultants and project team. 

 Tools include:

  • Resite
  • InfoPak
  • PowerPoint
  • Digital informatics

Preparation of the training client is an important part of getting ready for delivering demonstrations and hands-on exercises. Where possible we use data relevant to the user’s organisations. This may be copied from test scenarios.