The six sense of Branding

Love at first sight

You brand does not really have to over achieve on all the list of good business merits, but when it checks off one category and out performances every other brand in that particular category you than have a brand that qualifies as love at first sight. People like to see things, because pictures gives your brain something to work it. This suggests that you are allowed to freely immerse yourself in the freedom of your imagination and beyond.

The art of seeing is a science in itself and brand named companies will back that statement. That’s why you would hear people say that image is everything and that why you would also see big brands recreate their brand image ever so often. This image is what people see when they first interact with your product. If this first sight does not connect them to familiarity or something different you lose that customer immediately.


The voice in my head

This is the use of words or slogans that brands use to direct their brand position into your subconscious knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes this words can be suggestive but they carry the value to the later. This is sometimes stimulated by advertorials, commercials and all these fascinating social media platforms. You hear the music, voice over or just a clip that just keeps playing like a little voice in your head. This is brand tuning and great brands know how to make it work.


Perceiving scattered scents 

Have you heard the saying, if you can’t smell good rather don’t smell at all. This statement is meant to be polite but it could have double meaning. A lot of brands have become distinctive by the smell their products or merchandises carry. I know this and you know this because when you walk into their establishment you already know where you are.  Whether you are blind folded or just in another continent, the similarity of scents will always bring you back to the desire of the product that first initiated the scent.


The sensation of taste

You have tasted some great brand products and without a doubt these products make for a great eat. But it’s not the eat that we are mostly concerned with, but the taste and how it makes us feel and the memory it brings when ingested.


The literal touch. 

The most important of all our senses. We associate with things better when the senses of touch is included. And this engagement can be as a result of our encounter. The ability to hold and feel things. Touching itself leaves us open to emotional attachments but what these emotions create in us will only be to an extent the product/item speaks/connects with us.


The sixth sense of branding

With all our senses combined, our ability to perceive the unseen is what is known as the sixth sense. This allows us to take in all our senses and forge something which is beyond us. Like when we do something but don’t know why, or feel a higher dimension of attractiveness towards something which we usually would not consider. This is because we are being channeled towards the extrasensory perception which is beyond our five commonly recognized senses.

Most brands obtain this level of superiority by combining all known senses to achieve a sense of difference and elevated consumer connection.  This is how great brands are fulfilled.