Prince Abuh

Brand Developer and Business Consultant | Source Group Conglomerate of businesses 

Digital Agency Services

Web Dev | Marketing | Design & Branding 

Property Services

Property Sales, Search & Marketing.

Printing Services

A-Z Printing for all types of business. Gazebos, banners, printer supply and more..

Cloud Hosting

We host Websites, Applications, Emails and provide cloud hosting Services for everything. 

SSL Certificate

We provide, Extended Validation (EV), Organization Validation (OV), and  Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate.

CIPC Business Registration

Company Reg, CIPC Reg,  SARS and more..

Car Wash Franchise

Car Wash setup and branding. From start to finish. Contact us. 

012 035 1963

Please note that all the services above will direct you  to the different respective websites. Thanks again for Supporting my Business.