Virtual Landline number once off



Get connected in less 24 hours

  • No contracts
  • Prepaid
  • No Telkom line installation required
  • No Paperwork
  • Rates (0.45c/min to landline & 0.60c/min to mobile)
  • No Debit Orders



Landline App Features

  • Voicemail
  • Voicemails are sent to any email address you specify automatically so you can get back to your clients faster.
  • Interactive Voice Menu
  • Set up your voice menu and direct callers to different numbers based on their selection. (Press 1 for sales and 2 for support etc.)
  • Professional Greeting
  • Create greetings by recording online, uploading greetings or by using our text-to-speech feature.
  • Multi-Ring
  • Never miss a call and create rules for your virtual landline to ring to multiple mobiles either at once or when ‘busy’ or ‘no answer’
  • Send/Receive SMS’s
  • Quickly send bulk / receive SMS’s on your app or dashboard. Share Documents. Location. Voice notes. Video Recordings, Images, . Contacts.
  • Superb Voice Quality
  • Whether you make use of VoIP to receive and make calls or forwarding to your normal cellular phone, you can always expect great voice quality!
  • WhatsApp
  • Stay in touch with your clients via Whatsapp on your landline business number. No need for additional mobile number to use WhatsApp.
  • Take Your Calls Anywhere
  • Take landline calls on your mobile anywhere. If you’ve got signal on your cell you’ve got signal on your landline.


Virtual Landline that keeps you connected anywhere you are

Depending on your unique business needs, you can get a virtual landline number for almost any city in South Africa and use the number on your smartphone, PC or IP office desk phone to make and receive calls anywhere you are.

Whether you choose to use your virtual landline on your Smartphone, PC or IP Office, you will need internet connection for the device you choose to use. Our Landline numbers comes with optional features such as voicemail, multi-users, interactive voice menus, call queuing and more.

How it works

Our landline numbers works through our app on your Smartphone to make and receive calls. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices, it can be downloaded from Google Play Store and iStore.

To make and receive calls, your smartphone has to be always connected to internet either via WIFI or cellular data. As long as your smartphone is connected to the internet, you will be able to make and receive calls from your landline number no matter where you are in the world.

Once you have successfully placed your landline order and the once-off payment has been made, we will email your number, unique username, password, and provider ID which you need to use on setting up the app.

To sign up, kindly select desired landline code and fill in your details on the order form. It generally takes up to 2 business hours to receive your landline number and your configuration details.