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Information Technology
Cybersecurity, iOS and Android App Development, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development


Data Analysis
Big Data, Internet of Things, Data Science, Statistics


Business & Management
Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Hospitality, Entrepreneurship

Professional Skills
Leadership, Project Management, Communication, Writing, Teamwork and Problem Solving

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Our breadth of offerings allow for customized solutions for your workplace.


Professional Programs
Series of courses providing job specific skills to help individuals skill-up or launch into a new role, provided by industry-leading experts in relevant fields

Micro Programs
Series of Training from top professionals providing deep learning in a specific career field

In-demand Training
In-demand Training across 30+ fields, developed by the world’s top professionals with shareable and recognizable certificates.

Flexible & Convenient
Learn anywhere, anytime on any device

Cost Effective & Scalable
Achieve global scale at marginal cost

Learner behavior and outcomes data to drive decision making and improve performance

Social & Collaborative Learning
Private cohorts and discussions to facilitate inter-company learning

About Sourcebranding Business

Sourcebranding is a branding agency that also offers industry learning and training solutions to businesses, founded by Prince Abuh who is an experienced digital leader. Sourcebranding offers high-quality training from the world’s best professionals to digital learners in every country and to enterprises looking for a scalable and cost effective solution to training their employees.

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