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Develop a Robust Digital Brand Strategy

This highly interactive 3 Day Masterclass in Digital Branding uses the “Strategic Brand Plan blueprint” to help you develop a winning digital brand strategy. The blueprint is a practical management tool that takes you, step-by-step, through the process of defining your brand in detail before expressing it via carefully orchestrated experiences.

The blueprint will help your organisation structure its approach to branding, move beyond the brand-is-our-logo mindset and ultimately build a brand that truly resonates with customers and drives financial performance.

Our trainer will give you the most practical advice possible using real-world case studies, group discussions and empirical evidence, so you can immediately apply what you’ve learned to improve your own brand strategy.

What you can expect from this course…

  • Understand how to structure a strategic digital brand plan
  • Avoid brand jargon that will alienate key stakeholders in HR and finance functions
  • Obtain unique insights on how to profile your customers more effectively in your strategic digital brand plan
  • Identify brand personas your brand should target
  • Underpin your strategic brand plan with neuroscientific knowledge
  • Understand why defining brand values that align with target customers is crucial
  • Distinguish between your brand’s benefits and features when writing your strategic brand plan
  • Enhance your brand’s ability to move into new markets
  • Know how to position your brand so you carve out a distinctive space in your target customers’ mind
  • Learn how to represent your brands positioning clearly in a strategic digital brand plan
  • Understand how to define and deliver a brand architecture which optimises brand clarity
  • Know how to keep your brand relevant over time via reinforcement
  • Note criterias which should be considered prior to any brand stretch or extension
  • Craft brand stories that resonate with your target customers
  • Justify why your organisation needs to invest in brands
  • Focus your strategic digital brand plan by applying a range of  analysis tools to your business
  • Understand why crafting your brand experience plays a pivotal role in your strategic digital brand plan
  • Discover how to build a consistent brand experience using design, communications and behavioral tools
  • Appreciate how to incorporate brand metrics and brand performance management into your digital brand plan
  • Understand how to measure brand equity and use this as an asset


Day 1: Strategic Digital Brand Plan Stage 1-4

Course Introduction

Structuring Your Strategic Digital Brand Plan

  • Why write a strategic digital brand plan?
  • What should a strategic digital brand plan contain?
  • Introducing The Strategic digital Brand Plan Blueprint

Strategic Digital Brand Plan Stage One: Profiling your target customer and exploring your brand context

  • Exploring your customer psychographically
  • Understanding the importance of your target customers’ feelings
  • Identifying the “jobs” you need to help your customers get done
  • Ways you can connect your brand with customers through shared values
  • The role shared values play in driving brand performance
  • Identifying brand archetypes and your brand
  • The branding context: B2B, B2C, goods, services and online (fixed / mobile) branding

Strategic Brand Plan Stage Two: Clarifying the substance of your brand

  • A brand is a logo. Right?
  • Understanding the substance of your brand
  • Logos and brand associations

Strategic Brand Plan Stage Three: Establishing the Business Case for Your Brand Plan

  • To drive financial performance (value, stock market performance etc)
  • To build brand equity (preference, price premiums etc)
  • The role of emotion in branding: The neuroscientific evidence

Strategic Brand Plan Stage Four: Identifying Sources of Value in Your Brand

  • Products vs. brands. Which do people buy and why?
  • The source of perceived value in products?

Day 2: Strategic Digital Brand Plan Stage 5-7

Strategic Brand Plan Stage Five: Brand Essentials

Defining Your Brand values

Understanding the difference between your brand’s values
What are brand values?
Why are brand values important?
Articulating your brand’s values
The importance of function and emotion when articulating brand values
Identifying your organization’s core and peripheral brand values
Articulating Your Brand essence

What is brand essence?
Why have a brand essence?
How can you leverage your brand essence to drive performance?
Articulating your brand’s essence
Clarifying Your Brand promise

Distinguishing between features and benefits
Identifying your brand’s core benefits (not features)
Establishing Your Brand positioning

What is brand positioning?
What are your brand’s points of parity and difference?
Positioning: For what? For whom? Why? Against whom?
Understanding your competitive frame of reference

  • Brand associations and memory
  • Primary associations
  • Secondary associations
  • The dangers of price based positioning
  • Providing reasons to believe your positioning
  • Passive vs. proactive positioning
  • Evaluating and choosing a brand positioning: Criteria
  • Applying brand positioning bases to your organisation
  • Positioning maps – a seductive yet misleading marketing tool?
  • How to use advanced statistics to understand your brand’s positioning objectively
  • Exploring the relationship between brand positioning and brand performance
  • Crafting your brand’s positioning statement
  • Repositioning competitors

Strategic Brand Plan Stage Six: Stating Value proposition
  • Competing on price
  • What is a value proposition?
  • Articulating your brand’s value proposition

Strategic Brand Plan Stage Seven: Understanding Your Brand Experience
  • Build competitive advantage
  • Applying the principles of the Service Dominant Logic to your plan

Day 3: Strategic Digital Brand Plan Stage 8-10

Strategic Brand Plan Stage Eight: Building a Holistic Service Brand Experience Brand Personality

Brand Personality

  • Why give your brand a brand personality?
  • Exploring the link between brands, brand personality and humans’ brains
  • Understanding how your customers use your brand in difference situations

Corporate Visual Identity

  • How to bring your brand to life visually
  • Using metaphors to facilitate brand expression

Consistent Communication

  • how to craft your brand message and utilize the most appropriate media
  • determine an appropriate verbal identity / tone of voice for your brand
  • Using digital communications to drive engagement with your brand
  • How to identify and make the most of “influencer” brand marketing
  • Why have brand stories?

Human Resource Initiatives

  • Understanding why Marketing and Human Resources should be “friends” at your organization
  • Understanding the role Human Resources plays in delivering your brand’s strategy: Recruitment, Induction, Training, Reward, Exit interviews

Employee and Customer Engagement

  • How to align your brand with employees, customers and other key stakeholders


Four Sense Branding

  • Exploring how you can express your brand through touch, taste, smell and sound in addition to design into your brand
  • Understanding the importance of smell, humans’ brains and emotion

Strategic Brand Plan Stage Nine: Brand Portfolio Management

  • Exploring and applying brand architecture at your organisation
  • Stretching and extending brands: How to get it right and wrong.
  • Retaining brand relevance over time

Strategic Brand Plan Stage Ten: Understanding and applying brand metrics at your organization

  • Brand Equity
  • The logic that should underpin your approach to brand metrics and brand performance management when writing your strategic brand plan
  • Using advanced brand analytics to understand the factors that drive brand performance at your organization
  • Brand budgets
  • Developing a (mini) brand metrics dashboard at your organization
  • Wrap

In-house Training: Talk with an Advisor

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