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What is a Leads Consultant?

Sourcebranding Leads Consultant is a person or business who generates  leads for the Sourcebranding Brand, Product and Services. The Leads Consultant is contracted to Sourcebranding Digital Agency for services rendered, to source business leads that can be converted to actual projects.

The Consultant is not employed as a Sourcebranding employee. The consultant generates commission through leads. Sourcebranding Projects staff and designers will consult each project in-house and directly communicate with clients from when lead is handed over until project is finalized.

Sourcebranding will supply Leads Consultant with relavant marketing material to enable consultant to generate leads. Only converted leads will qualify for commission. All other work that sprouts out of lead on later stage will also qualify for payable commission.

Leads Consultant generates  leads but does not consult with the clients concerning the project details, design process or prices. Only if additional services is needed by Sourcebranding to complete a project or convert lead, Sourcebranding will consult further with Consultant.

Consultants can register to generate leads in a certain area but consultants are allowed to generate leads online or any other place, area or region. Registering as a consultant in a certain area will only be beneficial when Sourcebranding may need a consultant for other services.

Failure to generate intentional leads over a period of time will lead to cancellation of contract.

*Terms & conditions apply , *Sourcebranding has the right to refuse application *Sourcebranding has the right to refuse a lead or customer.

What is a Leads Consultant, not?

Leads Consultant is not a reprensentative of Sourcebranding Digital Agency– but rather a marketing rendering service provider. In other words Leads Consultants do not consult clients, advise or make promises to clients about our products and services.

How do we work?

Apply by filling in application below
– be creative and convincing.

We review your application
– be sure to wow us.

We approve or decline your application
– our brand is very important to us.

If approved, you will receive a consultant number & be listed on our website as an Area Leads Consultant.

see list below

  • you will receive a digital copy of our company profile with pricing (you can print it at your own cost or use digitally).
  • you will receive a downloadable video explaining our services and costs.
  • you will receive a short profile our website as a Leads Consultant.


* see commission structure below

Commission Structure

  • Consultant sends us an intentional lead
    – we contact (first contact) and convert lead = 7.5% commission.
    (see example in contract)
  • Consultant sends us a semi converted lead
    – we recontact and convert lead = 10% commission.
    (see example in contract)


  • Consultants who brings in more than R50 000 work per month will receive one and half times their commission payout.
  • Consultants who brings in more than R75 000 work per month will double their commission payout.
  • Consultants who brings in more than R100 000 work per month will triple their commission payout.


Please note that terms and conditions apply. All successful consultants will need to sign a contract.

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