Website SEO, Marketing & Auditing
Website SEO, Marketing & Auditing

Make sure your website is working for you.

Learn About Our Approach to Strategic Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Every site should be audited regularly, but it’s particularly important to perform an audit before beginning a new website SEO or digital marketing campaign. If your content is thin, your design is outdated or your marketing campaigns are stale, we need to evaluate why before we suggest a strategy that we can get behind.

Before we make any website or marketing suggestions, we offer a custom website SEO and  audit. This allows us to spend the time we need to research and analyze your website and all of the important variables it takes to have a healthy, functional multi-channel marketing campaign today.

Our Website SEO Audit Services Include:

  • Local SEO and NAP (Name, Address, Phone) Audit
  • Brand and Website Design Review
  • Content and Rankings Review
  • Advanced SEO and Technical Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Marketing Channel Audit
  • Website Backlink Audit

How To Hire An SEO: Google recently released this video. It’s a useful guide and goes into some detail about why an SEO needs to perform an SEO Audit.

What to Expect in the Website, SEO and Digital Marketing Audit Process

From strategy development to managing your brand reputation, we have you covered.

Discovery Call

We’ll touch base first before we begin we get to know you, your brand, your digital footprint, current marketing campaigns and goals.

Web Audit

The audit fulfillment time ranges from three days to two weeks, depending on size of the site and digital footprint of the brand. Once we have collected all of the data and prepared our suggestions.

Presentation & Review

We will present your audit and all of its supporting details in an online meeting. During this time, we will answer any questions you have and discuss what it might take to make the improvements.

Strategy Development

The development of your strategy can take two to five days, depending on the size of the project. Everything we do is custom, and a comprehensive SEO marketing strategy can take dozens of hours to complete!

Strategy Review Call

Strategy Review Call and Next Steps. Once the plan is complete, we will meet once again to review the strategy and discuss the next steps.

Get A Audit Today!

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Why spend time, energy or money on marketing that doesn’t work?

Not showing up as high in the search engine results as you used to? Is your website receiving less traffic? Fewer conversions? If these scenarios are ringing true, then you’re a good candidate for undergoing a website audit.

You may think that your site was impacted by a certain Google algorithmic update, such as Penguin or Panda, but without a professional audit, you can’t be sure.

Also, do you know if your site is up to par in the following areas?

Loading Times, Responsiveness, Technical Code, Content, Authority, URL Structure, Strength of Backlinks, Redirects and 404 Errors, User Experience or SEO…

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