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Commitment to Integrity Initiatives

Africa Integrity Forum- Charissa Bloomberg

In the absence of ethical conduct, organisations fall apart. But it a lapse in integrity doesn’t just impact organisations or individuals. These were the words of Professor Thuli Madonsela who was speaking at an Integrity Networking Breakfast held in Cape Town  (May 16). The breakfast event,  and the upcoming National Integrity Forum were the brainchild of Charissa Bloomberg, CEO of Hidden Dimensions Corporate Training Consultants, who is working with Professor Madonsela as her project manager at Stellenbosch University’s Social Justice Faculty.

“Integrity starts with self-leadership,” Bloomberg said. “Integrity costs nothing, but when you lose it, you lose everything. An organisation’s success depends on the integrity of its leaders – and remember, we are all the CEOs of our own lives.”

“The idea is to find ways to walk the talk in terms of doing the right thing, and to find ways of recognising and affirming integrity not just in the country but in the entire world. For integrity to pay off in the way that we need it too, we need to be part of building the world we would like to live in.” This is why Sourcebranding has taking the initiative to partner with Charissa Bloomberg (Integrity Forum) to make sure the event is  branded to reach as much people as possible.

“The mission of  Sourcebranding Digital Agency in working with the Integrity Forum is to strengthen the enforcement of anti corruption and bring about broader global awareness which will transform and ignite our society,” says  CEO of  Sourcebranding Digital Agency, the key sponsor of the event and an online business developer who assists companies and individuals  to build their digital business footprint. He also offers training on how to create a culture that supports their brand strategy. A young entrepreneur at heart.