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3 Day Masterclass in Digital Marketing…

This course will equip you with the knowledge, confidence, tools and techniques to build and refine the right digital marketing strategy for your business/organisation. The creative use of data in digital marketing, rather than just working with a set of statistics, may provide more useful insights.

This course is designed for those with marketing experience but that have less exposure to online digital marketing channels, or those with experience in specific digital disciplines, who want to know how different channels can fit together. It is also for marketers who have been “doing” digital but want to set their experiences in context of others and discover some new approaches.

In Just 3 Days You Will…

  • Learn how to create your social media strategy and a specific framework by which to devise it
  • Obtain deep understanding on the relevant key performance indicators to measure Social Media success
  • Understand the arsenal of tools available for you to promote your business or product using the most popular and effective social media channels
  • Gauge who your key social media influencers are and how to include them in their social media strategy
  • Analyse the impact of your social media strategy
  • Discover ways to be able to adapt your social media strategy in in real-time
  • Learn how to set a long-term content strategy, which will be maintained fresh with ideas whilst consistent in delivery


  • Social Media Managers & Directors
  • Analytics / Insight Managers & Directors
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Chief Commercial Officers
  • Chief Customer Officers
  • Big Data Managers
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners


Day 1: Focus on Engagement

  • Course introduction

    Overview of fundamentals of digital marketing

    • How to utilize paid, owned and earned channels

    The 10 most important steps for a successful digital strategy

    • How best to establish your online marketing objectives and KPIs
    • Start building your content strategy, blog and editorial calendar

    Building online customer-focused programs

    • Know your target audience(s) and where you can reach them
    • Create campaign ideas to increase traffic and grow subscriber and social media numbers
    • Focus to capture consumers’ attention

Creating content and developing your digital assets

  • Catalogue of digital resources and how up-to-date they are

Making it mobile

  • Reach the customer at his own convenience
  • Manage customer relationships across all channels
  • Social media outreach – exercise in the use of video and social media tools
  • Experiment with social media tools you are not familiar with to gain a new skill

Case study on engagement strategy:

  • Attendees will create an overview of their own company’s current strategy, and use tools provided to map potential changes

Day 2: Creating Conversion & Understanding Retention


Best practices for optimizing your delivery

  • Benchmarking: measuring ties directly to key business goals

Conversion optimisation: creating stickiness in your site

  • Why do they come? When do they come? How do they get there?
  • Optimisation and user testing
  • Digital native content vs paid advertising

Building for usability and web design

  • Measuring your web analytics data in a meaningful way
  • Test for usability
  • Create engaging content and a clean user experience
  • Modularity is the key

Case study on conversion planning:

  • Attendees will find out using tools provided how well they understand the conversion activities of their own company


  • Deep dive into your own organisation’s conversion activities and metrics, plus a new way to view your visitors

    How clean is your database?

    • How to avoid garbage in, garbage out
    • Auditing the database – how and how often

    Segmentation and targeting for better understanding

    • Ignoring classical marketing theory
    • More than characteristics and preferences?
    • Layer relevancy through targeting based on consumer past behaviors
    • Identify consumer receptivity on precise options

    Monitoring your brand online

    • Health check
    • Perception mapping, measuring against the neighbours

    Channel integration, behavioral targeting and interaction management

    • Going beyond online capabilities, and create links to offline spending habits

    Building omni-channel relationships: exercise in understanding the touchpoints customers have with the organization


    • Mapping a typical transaction from the customer’s and company’s viewpoints

Day 3: Measuring Progress: Analytics & Strategy Refinement

Analytical tools to win new customers and deepening existing relationships

  • Toolset assessment
  • Integration into existing processes

Data, tracking and measurement

  • How to track and what to track
  • Measuring for meaning

Cost analysis – is CPC the real metric?

  • Cost of customer acquisition and retention
  • Customer lifetime contribution

Integrated on/offline marketing

  • Creating a unified and seamless experience for consumers
  • Ensure that all messaging and communications strategies are consistent across all channels and are centered on the customer

Working with affiliates and measuring their contribution

Trying mobile marketing automation: Exercise on how to interact with customers at key moments, based on triggers such as their behavior, location and mobile app usage

  • What is it specifically about mobile that makes attribution more difficult?
  • Trends and factors that are affecting the mobile attribution landscape

Case study: Measurement & Strategy

  • Attendees will examine cost-benefit strategies for their organization and learn new ways to examine customer value
  • Wrap

In-house Training: Talk with an Advisor

Need to get your whole team up to speed? For groups of six or more, our trainers will design a bespoke programme to meet your business needs, including a lesson pack with examples, models, user-driven content, custom case studies – everything you need to keep learning on your own time. In-house training is the most cost-effective and convenient option for teams, so get in touch today and let us customise your training experience. 

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