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This course will teach you how to create your social media strategy and the specific framework by which to devise it. You will obtain a deep understanding on the relevant key performance indicators to measure social media success as well as the arsenal of tools available for you to promote your business or product.

Over the 3 days, you will discover how to adapt your social media strategy in real-time and how to set a long-term content strategy.

This course will teach you how to achieve marketing differentiation using the latest social media management techniques. You will learn how to measure effectiveness and ROI through key performance indicators pertinent to success. Discovering how to set a long-term content strategy whilst maintaining fresh ideas and consistent delivery is key to this training. By the end of this course, you will have obtained a very clear understanding on how to use social media to drive commercial 

In Just 3 Days You Will…

  • Learn how to create your social media strategy and a specific framework by which to devise it
  • Obtain deep understanding on the relevant key performance indicators to measure Social Media success
  • Understand the arsenal of tools available for you to promote your business or product using the most popular and effective social media channels
  • Gauge who your key social media influencers are and how to include them in their social media strategy
  • Analyse the impact of your social media strategy
  • Discover ways to be able to adapt your social media strategy in in real-time
  • Learn how to set a long-term content strategy, which will be maintained fresh with ideas whilst consistent in delivery


  • Social Media Managers & Directors
  • Analytics / Insight Managers & Directors
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Chief Commercial Officers
  • Chief Customer Officers
  • Big Data Managers
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners


Day 1: Understanding Social World

  • Big Picture Introduction
  • Speed Networking
  • Covering the basics of social media, participants will be walked through the different social media channels using best practice case studies.

Understanding Social World

  • The Social Media Frontier – what social media is and is not
  • How Social Media channels work
  • Which are the main platforms and suppliers and how they interrelate.

The Digital Customer

  • The age of the digital consumer – insight into why today is heralded as the age of the customer and what you need to do about it

Social Media within Digital Marketing – The Fundamentals

  • Social media management is one part of overall Digital Marketing.
  • What is on-line advertising and the optimal digital marketing mix to best promote your business?
  • Understanding the role of organic marketing e.g. Search and Social Marketing
  • The fundamentals of Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) and how to leverage social CRM to increase long-term customer loyalty and, hence, customer life-time value

Social Media Management Deep Dive (Part 1):

  • Operational realities – Understanding the new Social Media ecosystem: how to move from scheduled, traditional marketing to the new, “always-on” social media world
  • The differing platforms, advantages and best-use case-studies:
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp

Day 2: Creating Your Social Media Strategy

This day will focus on walking participants through the different social media channels using best practice case studies, as well as a step-by-step plan to create their own Social Media strategies.

Social Media Management Deep Dive (Part 2):

  • Linked In
  • Pinterest
  • Google +
  • YouTube
  • Influencer Marketing
  • –How to determine influencers and how to integrate them in your strategy…

Creating your Social Media Strategy

This part of the course will offer delegates a framework for devising their own Social
Media strategy as well as a long-term content strategy.

Social Media Strategy Setting

  • Defining your Social Media Objectives – a thorough discussion on your objectives and what to measure
  • Who are you communicating with and why? Practical exercise to discuss the different social media content strategies based on customer segmentation
  • What to say… and when! How to set the tone of voice, the way you will deliver your messages, based on who you are interacting with
  • Social media – is not one person… Who is accountable and why? What are the major do’ and don’ts. Silos to avoid and how to deal with them.
  • Ensuring Social Media is an extension to your overall Marketing Strategy – ways to ensure consistency and measure return on investment
  • Social Media nightmares! Participants will work through a practical exercise documenting their best and worst social media experiences and discuss ways to avoid making the same mistakes

Case Study: The Oreo Magic… – how one tweet can cause a global stir

Content is King…

  • How do you set on your content strategy?
  • Growing the idea pool. What are the strategies to drive creative content? This includes an interactive exercise using Mind Mapping to generate content ideas.

Context is Queen

  • When to say what and where?
  • Who says what about you or your products?
  • Strategies to leverage User Generated Content.
  • The ultimate Word of mouth
  • – How to best integrate User Generated Content into your strategy

Day 3: Social Media- Driving sales

Participants will be learn the long-term benefits of social media beyond just driving conversations to driving sales, impacting customer loyalty and maximizing customer retention.

Social Media- Driving sales

  • The new Alphabet of Social Commerce: insight into the new Facebook, Mobile and Social commerce platforms and how they are changing how customers shop
  • Social Media Loyalty – the main tools available to drive sales digital coupons, codes and other social commerce mechanics to drive sales.
  • Your Social Media Calendar- main considerations to drive your calendar and fundamental tools to implement your social media promotions

Social Media – Driving Customer Retention

  • Social Customer Retention: The key to success – strategies for turning existing
    customers into your brand ambassadors through social media
  • Driving Customer Engagement – How to use social selling to drive revenues
  • Social CRM – How can I help you? This part of the session will highlight ways to support customers through their purchase process with you: including live chat, help desk and other customer support functions

Practical Exercise: Social Media Strategy

Participants will work on an in-depth hand-on exercise setting their own Social Media Strategy cementing the learning of Days 1 to 3

Personal Action Plan

  • Draw up your personal action plan on where you will implement what you have learnt during the course, which is your commitment of taking back to the office what you have learnt.
  • Wrap

In-house Training: Talk with an Advisor

Need to get your whole team up to speed? For groups of six or more, our trainers will design a bespoke programme to meet your business needs, including a lesson pack with examples, models, user-driven content, custom case studies – everything you need to keep learning on your own time. In-house training is the most cost-effective and convenient option for teams, so get in touch today and let us customise your training experience. 

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