Go viral with a successful Social Media Marketing plan

Set up your social media, facebook, instagram, pixel, business pages

Basic Package – good if you just want to start:

  • Registering FB+IG page
  • Basic settings
  • Optimizing bio & about us section
  • Call to action button

Standard – when you use social media for your business:

  • Everything in Basic PLUS
  • Registering Meta business manager account
  • Basic business manager settings
  • Allocating access authority (e. g. your staff)

Premium – if you want to make advertising on Meta:

  • Everything in Basic and Standard PLUS
  • Installing Meta pixel
  • Domain verification
  • Connect pages
  • Setting events
  • Further security settings and many more

Shoot your product photos and create content

Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Linkedin

  • Creating a mood board for the photoshoot
  • Shooting your product images and videos, with our without models depending on your needs 
  • Creating engaging content for whichever platform you need.
  • Copywriting, researching hashtags and using custom graphics/your photos.

Attract ideal clients so you can close more sales on linkedin

LinkedIn Express Consultation:

✔ 1-60 Minute Consultation Call (review top 4 areas of a profile – photo, banner, headline, and about section and what should be included in each). Includes templates for headline and about section so you can DIY + 100 point self audit.


✔ 2-60 Minute calls. Additional call will focus on going deeper into the profile (+skills, recommendations, featured)


✔ 3-60 minute calls (2 as listed above) + 3rd call – audience building -leverage the platform to find your ideal audience.

Reports for your social media channels and website

We will:

  • Put together PDF reports for your social media accounts and website tracking performance on a monthly basis.
  • We will measure page likes/growth, engagement, impressions, reach, sentiment (if applicable), clicks, and more for the report. We will also highlight the best performing posts over the month (so you know which content is most effective).
  • We will compare pageviews, users, sessions, bounce rate, time on page on a month-on-month, and year-on-year basis for the website report.
  • Provide recommendations.

Daily, Weekly or Monthly posts to your facebook and instagram

Our team will curate an entire monthly calendar just for your business filled with personalized brand content, special  announcements, holiday posts, and sharable third-party links to fuel engagement. Once your monthly content is approved, we’ll publish it all for you as well across Facebook and Instagram.

We will conduct a youtube video optimization and SEO

Our team of experts will provide

  • (1) Youtube Video Optimization with SEO, tags, description, and titles
  • In Depth Video Keyword Research
  • Target Audience Breakdown
  • Omnichannel marketing strategy suggestion
  • Channel diagnostic with suggestions

Writing your digital marketing strategy

What you receive : 


A 30 Minutes consulting, we’ll try to give you all the tools you’ll need to strengthen your digital presence


Writing your full social media strategy (long run), 2 mockup graphic i.e 2 graphic propositions to follow, these are optimized per platform (up to 3).

Delivery : a shareable pdf of 30 that includes a competition benchmark, your buyer personae and your brand attributes.


Writing your full digital communication strategy (long run), we include the standard plan, a creative brief for targeting, graphic propositions to follow, an editorial plan with ads strategy and kpis, Channels/Competition/#/influencers.

Speak to us NOW!! We work with clients from all industries.

Key Services

We set up your social media, facebook, instagram, pixel, business pages

Shoot your product photos and create content

Need facebook business manager explained?

Remove ghost and fake followers on instagram

We can moderate your social media comments

Create monthly reports for your social media channels and website

Create and publish Daily, weekly or monthly posts to your facebook and instagram

Conduct a youtube video optimization and SEO

Write your digital marketing strategy

Strategically grow your instagram following

Attract ideal clients so you can close more sales on linkedin

Create your perfect instagram feed and story, highlights cover

Grow your brand with a promo video to use on socials

Organically grow your instagram account