Welcome to Source Group, where excellence is deliberate. 

Source Group conglomerate of business services

We aim to create long term value by building diversified growth businesses on the foundations of scale and relevance within the Source Group throughout the continents.

Source Group: How can we help you?

It’s not enough to create businesses, people must be free to think and be given the opportunity to express and develop themselves.

Today’s business problems are spread out across many industries and solutions could be available to everyone if only people knew how to access the right information from the right places at the right time. Businesses I believe are established to solve problems, and this is becoming more and more true every day. The world of digital business is changing and how we solve these new problems matters. Everyone has a solution to somebody’s problem and everyone has a problem that needs solving.

That’s why we are piloting  Source Group, a programme that aims to connect entrepreneurs and small-scale businesses to the world through digital technology and with the assurance of unlocking global markets.

If solutions can not be delivered as a service set, then we have lost the blueprint of what business is.  We are helping individuals redefine how businesses are set up and managed across the globe. Creating a business that you can be part of and even own without all the necessary modern-day intensive cash flow. today’s businesses are minimal and are more digital than bricks and mortar.