19th Annual SASVEPM Congress Website Development

Well defined, structured and beautiful website would be the definition of this project. Designing The 19th SASVEPM congress website was a great project ans as always Sourcebranding did not disappoint on its delivery. The 19th SASVEPM congress website uses more than just words to connect with its audience. Visitors consume content through multimedia vectors, including video, audio, photos, and other interactive features. Sourcebranding built the website to provide editors with a fully customizable
layout, a flexible multimedia content management system, and to be social media friendly. The site uses a standards-based approach using a WordPress programming framework.

Technologies: WordPress, PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

Website: SASVEPM2022


The Annual SASVEPM Congress is an opportunity for our veterinary community to come together to learn, share ideas and to forge relationships with colleagues from around the world. One Africa, One Health, One Welfare