How to find leads step by step

Well, one of the major advantages of doing business online is the almost unbridled access to new leads. The tough part is optimizing your search efforts and coming up with ideas on getting clients online. Lucky for you I’m here to help – keep on reading!

In these days and times, hitting up the Web may be the best way to get new clients regardless of the industry you’re in. The almighty Internet helps you save a ton of time, since you no longer have to run around attending meetings, conferences and other business events.

There’s plenty of fish to catch in this digital sea, however, the fish have evolved to become smart, so you have to choose your fishing spot carefully, as well as use modern tools and a desirable bait if you don’t want to come up empty handed.

With that being said, we present to you…

What is a potential client or lead?

A potential client (usually called a Lead) is the contact data of a person who fits your targeting and other filters. A very basic lead contains just the Name of a person and an Email Address. If this lead fits your targeting, then you are ready to use it!

But client finding for digital services or marketing evolves like everything else in the digital world. It’s more important to find a very targeted and enriched lead.

Targeting is when a potential client fits your pre-defined criteria, such as:

  • Geographical location
  • Business type
  • Company size
  • Interests, and more

Lead enrichment is what makes your potential client’s data complete. For example, you may want to know additional details to make your proposition or message more interesting.

Enrichment usually includes the following parameters:

  • Phone number
  • Title
  • Social media profiles of a person
  • Cross-interests, and more

Now that we’ve defined why our business is hunting potential clients, and what a potential client is, according to a lead generation (client finding) technical processes. We are ready to show you the most popular methods that are used to find clients for digital marketing and services.

Utilize your current network of contacts

Your own network of contacts is a great place to start when seeking new customers. The multitude of communication channels available these days makes it easy not only for you to reach out to people, but also for them to refer you some of their business partners.

Recommendations are very efficient selling tools.

Take advantage of the trust you already enjoy with your existing friends, family, network and ask for referrals directly, so you need to take initiative.

Website extraction

This method is based on visiting relevant websites and evaluating the design standard, look and feel, and then extracting the contact data of potential clients associated with that website (company employees, founders, C-level staff).

Things to lookout for:

The design of the website is it designed to industry standards.

What features can be added to the website to make it function better

Can the design be improved or revamped?

Does the website load correctly on different platforms?

Does the website appear or rank for specific key word on google search?

Is the website on google business listing?

It’s a very popular and accurate method. This website extraction method allows us to use different targeting approaches – from basic niche or interest related websites.

Stay expanding your network

Activating your current network is a way to get your feet wet, but it won’t supply you with a bottomless source of new leads. You have to expand and establish new connections.

This here is another grassroots technique for getting new clients many may be overlooking. I bet you’re already on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook – why not join relevant groups there? Also, look for specialist sites and become a community member there.

Whatever ways you have planned to tackle leads for the future, it’ll be easier to achieve your leads goal with the help and support of the people you’ve established connections with.

Use Twitter

You can use Twitter in your network expansion efforts – that’s a proven method. Hashtags, for example, will let you run searches, as well as reach people with the content you post.

The microblogging platform also offers a dedicated search engine which I highly advise you explore when trying to get clients online.

You may find new business opportunities using search phrases such as:

  • Hiring a [Web developer]
  • Looking to hire a [Brand manager]
  • Looking for a [Website deisgner]
  • #hiring #Webdesigner

I suggest you get creative with your searches and adjust the examples above to the niche you’re lead searching in.

Get busy on OLX, Gumtree, Junkmail and locanto

These classified has become an increasingly popular destination for various businesses these days. If you’re not yet familiar with it, it’s “A place to share products and services by different industries across South Africa.”


People from all over visit the sites to share their business services, job listing, and help others find products and services. An extra boon is that many services are well indexed by Google, potentially giving you lots of exposure.

These websites only require signup to be accessed, so if you’re going to get new clients there, make sure you have a complete profile, be helpful, and don’t blatantly push your product or service. Be patient, as this will surely be a long-term endeavour.

Networking events

I know what you’re thinking: Networking events SUCK.

But that’s because people typically go to them looking for clients.

Don’t be that creeper at the networking event. Instead, go to networking events to find CONNECTORS. These are people who may not turn out to be a client, but can help introduce you to potential clients.

Now that you know that you’re not going to be finding leads at a networking event or mixer, you’re not going to go in there and try to constantly pitch your services. Instead, you’re going to be finding connectors.

Here’s a good script you can use to connect with a connector:

“Hey, if you know of anyone who’s looking for a website services/application, let me know. Here’s my contact number. You can pass it along to them.”

Of course, you should mold the script to fit your individual situation.

If you live in a big city, networking events are a dime a dozen. If you don’t, that’s okay. There might be a few in your area happening occasionally, do a google or Facebook search under events.

Be sure to check out event boards like the following for great opportunities for networking events.

  • One of the biggest sites for friendly meet-ups and networking events.
  • This site aggregates many different types of events happening near you. It also has a “networking” events filter in its search function.
  • No matter what your industry, there’s a group business which are area specific on Facebook for you. Many times, these groups will notify you of upcoming events you can hit up.

Final word

There’s no single, magic method for getting new clients online – if there was, everyone would be all over it.

I know as much as you do it’s tough sometimes to get things off the ground, but I want you to get the ball rolling by selecting any or all of the techniques discussed above and committing to seeing them through.

Focus and stick to what’s most applicable in your niche/experience and you’re guaranteed to see the number of leads go up.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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